short Bio

born in Harstad, lives and works  in Oslo, Norway .

”My interest in miniature sculpture started in my childhood and have occupied me since then.

Growing up in the sculpture-  studio of my mother,  and with a father who is a painter, I was early in touch with the prosesses of making art. Influed by her art practise as she made both social -critical sculpture and satirical cartoons for a feminist magazine in the 70s called Sirene” among others.

Worked as freelance illustrator from 85, drawing cartoons in the fanzine Weird Ideas.

Studying at  Oslo Tegne og Maleskole 85-88 .   Working in my own  studio in Oslo.  After sivil duty,  enrolling the Art Academy in Budapest in 90- 91 as a guest- student.

Studied printing tecniques ( lito/ rader ) as a parttime student in the School of Applied Art ( SHKS )  in Oslo 91-93

A student at he Norwegian Academy of Arts since 1994 , studying both two and three dimentional tecniques, both traditional and new media.  Did  first conceptual work in Hoevikodden Art Center in 1995.  Collaborations with other students on an interactive and humoristic artprojects with quasipedagogical context, called Digital Aid .

1998 showed first work containing miniatyre models,  video and painting in the Last Year Exhibition .

In 2000  developed two touring exhibitions including workshops for Riksutstilinger, ( National Touring Exhibitions ),  where the students made miniatyre sculptures  of their heroes and anti heroes, and their own peepshows made of postcards. Both projects went on tour in Norway for almost ten years (!). Did a lot of workshops and art education beside studio work.

In 2004  made the first exhibition consisting of peepshows with models/ miniatures in Gallery F 15. Also engaged in artpolitical issues, among them the artists working situation in Oslo.  Got selected as  member of the national board of Norwegian artists ( 2003- 05 )

Recidence in Cite des Arts in Paris for 12 monts , 2005-06

2007 – 08 Initiated two exhibitions about gentrification and the artists situation in Oslo in collaboration with  Atelier Aksjonen , BOA and Oslo Museum .

Did a series of busts in wax portraying a various selection of heroes/ antiheroes, including criminals, historical persons, ordinary people such as neighbours, friends and country heroes,   exhibited  in Høstutstillingen (the National Annual Exhibition ),   the Norwegian Sculpture biennal and  Vestfold Haugar Museum( Real )

2008 Recieved the State Garanty Income for Artists ( GI )

2011 Became head of the board in the Assosiation of Norwegian Sculptors , among a many initiatives , initiated a show of members in New York  ( NOosphere ) that opened  in

2013  Member of the board in Vederlagsfondet


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My portraits are  represented in both  familiar and unusual contexts .  By emphasizing the miniature size in a gallery space or putting them together in installations or peepshows I use light, shade or backgrounds to stage the characters. I  like the idea of sculpture and painting melted together , not being separate autonom art objects but integrated  in a bigger scenario. 

 Everyday life has as far as I can see, beside   my own upgrowing,  made an impact on my work. I find interest in both the ordinary  and  preferences from  popular- culture.  My portrait gallery consists of  my grandmother, my neighbours, a  forgotten country star or a national traitor   side by side, which  make a disorder in the usual hierarcy  between good and bad, high and low.  Our heroes not longer idealized and our enemies not demonized. 

Staging these caracters can also implicate painted backgrounds, props and objects, shadowplays, mobiles, the  everday objects and the  caracters, proportionally shifted.